Dexter Jackson Black Series Anabolic Mass Gainer 16 lbs, 7.27 kg


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About this item

  • Support Glycogen Resynthesis
  • Proper Muscle Function
  • 500 Mg Fenugreek
  • Muscle Growth And Maintenance
  • Supports Healthy Bones

DEXTER JACKSON BLACK SERIES MASS GAINER is a dynamic combination of Creatine Protein along With Carbohydrates. It helps to boost your muscles and immunity faster than you can. Easily available in the market and you can make your body more energetic. Whey protein is an extraordinarily solid approach to adding more protein to your eating regimen. It’s a quality protein source that is assimilated and used effectively by the human body. This is especially significant for competitors, weight lifters, or individuals who need to acquire bulk and strength while losing fat


  • It Supports Your Weight Management thus Helping you to gain Weight with Muscles.
  • The Balanced Blend of Protein and Carbohydrate helps in a rapid increase in muscle Size,
  • Increase in Strength and increase in training intensity.


Mix about 3 scoops (1 serving) of Dexter Jackson Legend Mass with 14 ounces of water or milk and shake or stir for 20-40 seconds until the powder is mixed. drink 2 servings daily for better results.


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