HFN True Whey Advanced Whey Protein, 5 Lbs


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  • Premium Advanced Whey Protein
  • 5.3g BCAA
  • 4.1g Glutamine
  • 24g Protein
  • 65 Servings
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True Whey

True Whey is the purest form of protein to meet your daily protein requirements. True Whey Protein provides super whey protein isolates that are incredibly easy for the body to absorb. Each 30 g meal contains 69 g of whey protein, for a tremendous concentration by weight for extra gain. This supplement is particularly well-known for its exceptional mixability, which allows you to prepare a smooth, lump-free protein shake every time. It is available in four completely new and delectable flavors: Choco Hazelnut, Chocolate Butter Cup, Oreo Ice Cream, and Cold Brew.


True Whey Protein in a single serving helps you meet your daily protein requirements without difficulty. This product’s whey isolates are also ultra-filtered. This breaks protein down into granular materials that your body can easily absorb. As a result, you will see visible results much sooner.


. True Whey contains a great amino acid profile that is instantly absorbed by your muscles, helping you gain maximum results from workouts

. It increases muscle synthesis, or the creation of new muscle fibers, which results in increased volume and strength.

. It also supports muscle building, keeps you active, and acts as an anti-aging agent.


Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models, and anyone trying to improve their gym performance can all benefit from whey protein. If you are lactose intolerant, however, you should see your doctor before proceeding.


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