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  • Muscle Pharm Combat 100% Whey 5 lbs is an ultra-filtered low carb high protein supplement that consists of 25g of protein per serving
  • It is free of gluten and does not contain any artificial dye or color
  • The protein contained in Muscle Pharm Combat 100% Whey is sourced from Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Increases Metabolic Rate; Reduces Body Fat. Maximum Shelf Life: 36 Months. Form: SoftGel
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MusclePharm CLA core is a naturally-occurring fatty acid founding meat, dairy, and safflower oil muscle pharm CLA core is a naturally-occurring fatty acid founding meat, dairy and safflower oil

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat Faster with MusclePharm CLA

  • Get 1000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid with every serving of MP CLA. 
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid aids in faster fat metabolism for improved weight loss. 
  • This CLA supplement contains a blend of CLA, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado oil for added health benefits. 
  • Using this supplement also helps maintain lean muscle mass naturally. 
  • MP CLA supplement contains the highest quality, pure CLA, making it more potent

Benefits of MusclePharm CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acids are healthy fatty acids that are commonly found in meat and plant-based oils. It is known to have several metabolic benefits. The CLA blend found in MusclePharm CLA tablets has several benefits as mentioned below:

  • High-end, pure CLA source: For those who are not able to get ample CLA through regular dietary sources, this is the perfect supplement. It contains 1000mg of CLA Blend that easily fulfills the requirement of the body to give you visible results. With MusclePharm CLA capsules, you get the purest and most potent form of CLA which enhances the effect of the supplement. 
  • Aids in faster weight loss: One of the primary benefits of CLA is that it aids in quicker weight loss. CLA fat burner helps you cut down on fat deposits naturally. These supplements increase the metabolic rate of the body tremendously. As a result, stored fats are burnt to produce the energy that you need to support the increased metabolic activity. CLA is also effective in suppressing appetite which helps you maintain a low-calorie diet without any hassles. Lastly, studies have revealed that CLA inhibits the production of fat to keep you leaner.
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass: MusclePharm CLA essentials are very useful for individuals who are looking for a lean and ripped physique. The advantage of this supplement is that it maintains muscle mass while burning fat faster. It triggers muscle development to help you maintain your physique and still get deep cuts and a ripped look.
  • CLA is anti-inflammatory in nature: The anti-inflammatory function of MP CLA supplements supports various systems in the body. The most important effect is on the immune system. It helps boost your immune response to keep you free from common health issues. In addition to that, healthy liver function is supported to make sure that the natural detoxification process of the body is enhanced. 
  • Free from banned substances: These CLA supplements are made with the highest quality and safety standards. The ingredients and raw materials used are derived from the most reliable sources. They also adhere to strict FSSAI guidelines to ensure that there are no banned substances in these products.

How to Use

To enjoy CLA weight loss benefits, consume one soft gel with your morning, afternoon, and evening meals or as directed by your healthcare provider. Combine it with a healthy diet and workout routine for maximum benefits.


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