Real Pharm Real Mass, Raise Your Power, Best Gainer, 6.8kg

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  • supports the construction of muscle mass,
  • helps increase strength,
  • has an anti-catabolic effect,
  • supports anabolism,
  • supports regeneration,
  • strengthens bones,
  • it provides the necessary energy.
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Real Mass is a powerful Kohlenhydrat and Proteinhaltiges nutritional drug that it is to set up muscle mass for people who lead an active lifestyle, ideal is essential. The product has been manufactured to give nutritional value quickly Soul and the needs of the body during excessive training to the body. Each serving of real mass takes the full animal protein and Diekohlenhydrate too, which makes it a good alternative if you have no way of something to eat bring.

Real Mass makes it possible, all nutritional value Soul The Body, The Straight Line then went to the construction of the muscles are needed, when they need it. Thanks to the high quality and shape of the ingredients meet this nutritional treatment function during the construction of muscle mass. Thanks to the carefully fitted amount of money you get everything you need, in a pack.


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